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Start of Season Update



hard to believe that school is starting soon and pre-season hockey skills start this week.  A few very quick updates / reminders.  Please visit the NYH website for lots of details on the start of the season. 

1.  Register with usa hockey and submit information to NYH  - instructions are on website.  If this is not completed by 9/1 then you risk your child not being eligible to play in tournaments or state playdowns as we will not be able to properly roster them.  We have been asking since June to have this completed.  Thanks to those that have done it, but we still have roughly 1/3 of the players have not submitted their information.

2. Payments are due by 9/1.  Use the link in the emails that you received, the link is customized to your child(s) and will allow payment.  less than 50% of families have paid as of 8/25.

3.  SCHEDULING - you will begin to see skills, practices, and games posted on the NYH website during the course of this week.  Valley League has posted their parity round schedule.  Middlesexx Girls and the MCIHL - Cross-ice league should post schedules shortly.  NYH will be attempting to add the valley league games into the schedule per families request, but all families and teams should still use the valley league site to confirm dates, times, and location of games.  The systems do not sync automatically, so after the initial load of the schedule - they only way NYH will  know of a change is if the team notifies us.  Valley league will always try to notify the coach directly of changes or cancelations.

4. Team names on the Valley League Site:

Midget 1 - Midget 1

Midget 2 - Midget 2

Midget 3 - Midget 3

Bantam 1 - Bantam AAA

Bantam 2 - Bantam A

PW 1 - PeeWee AAA

PW 2 - PeeWee AA1

PW 3 - PeeWee AA2

PW 4 - PeeWee A1

PW 5 - PeeWee A2

SQ 1 - Squirt AAA

SQ 2 - Squirt AA1


SQ3 - Squirt AA2

SQ 4 - Squirt A

Mite 1 - Mite 1

Mite 2 - Mite 2


5. Mite Tryout and Mite Development dates / information is listed on the website

6. Inhouse registration will be in September starting around 9/10

Updates from NYH
by posted 08/11/2014

Dear NYH Families,

Hope your summer has been going well.  It is hard to believe, but school and hockey are right around the corner.  Below are a few key announcements / reminders to help everyone kick start the hockey season.  Please read all of the announcements.  We will provide more information as the season gets underway.

Inhouse Program

Inhouse registration will be in September and season will start in early October.  Information on the 2014_15 inhouse program will be posted in September.

Pre-season and start of season

NYH will be utilizing ProAmbitions to run pre-season skills for the travel teams.  Check the schedule to see the dates and times of the pre-season skills for your team and the initial team practices.  We posted the skills and practices through September 5th.  Several of the  pre-season skills session are 2 hours in length to help jump start the season for the kids while also trying to minimize how many days during august the kids are in the rink.  Bantam and Midget skills will also include hitting / checking basics.

We will post additional practices and skills shortly once we see the Valley League and Middlesex Girls League schedules.

Mite and Squirt Development will start having practices on 9/13.  Practice and skills information will be posted with the rest of the schedule.  We expect games to start in mid-October.

Mite Tryouts information was sent out in late July, but as a reminder:

Pre-tryout skates:    9/2 at 4pm at Sebs, 9/3 at 4:15pm at Sebs

Tryouts:  9/6 – 8am or 9:10am and 9/7 at 4:35pm or 5:45pm

Details on who should attend which session on 9/6 will be sent out shortly.  Questions on tryouts whould be directed to

USA Hockey Registration

Several announcements have been sent, but all players and coaches must register with usa hockey and update their NYH account with that information.  Players will not be allowed to practice or play until the information is provided.  Once the rosters are created, players will be ineligible to play in state playdown games if their information is late.   This process has been in place for 4 years and parents should be familiar with the steps and timing required.


NYH will continue our relationship with ProAmbitions.  From September through mid-November we will be having skills for teams on either Monday or Thursdays.  From Thanksgiving thru February vacation we will be shifting our skills programs to Saturdays.  This will free-up some of the limited weekday ice we have for team practices and allow us to better utilize our weekend ice that goes under-utilized.  This may result in some teams/players having a game and skills on a Saturday.  For the Saturday skills, we will be rotating teams / age levels from week to week for skills, and running longer more focused sessions.  ProAmbitions will create sessions that focus in areas such as power skating, stick handling, defenseman skills, shooting, etc.   

We will return to the Monday / Thursday sessions in March as more ice becomes available.  St Sebs is planning to be opening through end of March this year which will provide NYH significantly more practice and skills ice at the end of the season.  Last season, Sebs had to close in early March due to some mechanical issues with their cooling system.

Behavior (players, coaches, parents)

Examples of recent incidents involving players, coaches, and parents

·         Locker room vandalism by players at the Fessenden, Sebs, and Roche

·         Player suspensions for inappropriate taunting of opposing players

·         Parent(s) confronting an opponent coach during a game

·         Alarming number of coaches getting game misconduct for arguing calls with refs

·         Players attempting bully or injure their own teammates during practice

While the overwhelming majority of players, parents, and coaches do an outstanding job of representing NYH.  We have had a growing behavior issue within the organization.  This will be a priority of the board in 2014/15 to better address and have a consistent set of expectations/policies of players, parents, and coaches.  Everyone needs to remember that playing hockey is a privilege not a right.


I hope everyone enjoys the last few weeks of summer and is excited to get back into the rink.  Please remember to check all of your players equipment prior to the first skills/practice (including their stick length).  Properly fitting equipment is a critical part of player safety.


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Final reminder to register with USA Hockey!
by posted 07/17/2014

It's hard to believe, but NYH will be starting in a few weeks! This is the final reminder for those of you who haven't had a chance to register with USA Hockey.


All players and coaches must register directly with USA Hockey and provide NYH with the confirmation #. Both steps must be completed by the start of the season for players and coaches to be eligible to practice.

Do not email the confirmation number to NYH, you must enter it directly yourself.

Here are the instructions for completing the registration process:

Step 1.) Go to www.usahockey.com, click on 'membership', then click on 'register online' and follow the steps to register yourself as a coach or your child as a player.

Step 2.) You will receive an email from USA Hockey with a confirmation #.

Step 3.) Go to www.nyha.org, click on 'edit my account'. Enter email and password, click on 'player name' and enter the confirmation # you received from USA Hockey in the confirmation # field, and 'SAVE'. Repeat Step 3 to enter confirmation #'s for additional players and/or coaches.


Thank you,

Nancy O'Brien


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Enhancing Skills in 2014/15 with Pro Ambitions
by posted 05/14/2014

Needham Hockey will be working with Pro Ambitions to enhance our skills programs for players.  We will continue to have regular skills session through the season, but are working with Pro Ambitions to add additional skills in the form of “mini-camps”.  These camps will be part of our pre-season activities in late August and scheduled periodically through-out the season to supplement the regular skills and practices.  The camps will have various themes such as battle camp, sniper, power skating, defenseman, etc.   This approach will allow us to better utilize some of the ice we have in late August, on the weekends, and towards the end of the season while giving players the opportunity to gain additional ice touches that will focus on specific areas of player development.

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