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Tryout Schedule & Important Information

Thanks to everyone for your patience.  Below is the tryout schedule for all age levels.  For the first sessions across the squirt/peewee/bantam/midget levels, kids will be divided alphabetically (see letter assignments on schedule below)…evaluators will decide placements thereafter. 

We understand that there will be scheduling conflicts and other issues that may arise during the tryout period. We ask that parents send an email to the Director of Tryouts detailing any conflict that your child may have. Each case will be assessed by the Director of Tryouts and the Tryout Coordinator for that specific group. We will use all information at our disposal to make a reasonable placement decision based on the facts of each situation.  It is strongly encouraged that players attend all of their scheduled sessions. 

Please note that while most sessions are at St Sebs, a handful are at Nobles (as indicated on the schedule by "@ Nobles").

We will be giving a numbered pinney to each player before the first session, and collecting them after their final session.  Please advise your child to not tuck the pinney in their hockey pants—the evaluators need to be able to see the numbers clearly.  Also, players are not allowed to wear a jersey with their name printed/sewn on the jersey.

While we recommend not staying at the rink, if a parent plans to stay at the rink, please stay away from the bench area, and do not make contact with your child.  This is their experience--let them have it.

Encourage your son/daughter to do the best they can, listen to the coaches, and have fun.

Good luck!


Monday 2/27

4:15pm…Girls U10

5:15pm…Girls U12 and U14


Tuesday 2/28

5:15pm…Squirts (players A-D)

6:30pm…Squirts (players E-M)

7:40pm…Squirts (players N-Z)


Wednesday 3/1 

4:15pm…Squirts (players tbd by evaluators)

5:00pm…Squirts (players tbd by evaluators)

5:45pm…Squirts (players tbd by evaluators)


Thursday 3/2

6:25pm…PeeWee (players A-F)

7:35pm…PeeWee (players G-P)

8:45pm…Peewee (players Q-Z)


Friday 3/3

4:15pm…Squirts (players tbd by evaluators)

5:25pm…Squirts (players tbd by evaluators)

6:35pm…Squirts (players tbd by evaluators)


Monday 3/6

5:45pm…PeeWee (@Nobles)… (players tbd by evaluators)

7:00pm…PeeWee (@Nobles)… (players tbd by evaluators)

8:15pm…PeeWee (@Nobles)… (players tbd by evaluators)


Tuesday 3/7

5:15pm…PeeWee (players tbd by evaluators)

6:30pm…PeeWee (players tbd by evaluators)

7:40pm…PeeWee (players tbd by evaluators)


7:00pm…Bantam (@Nobles)…(players A-I)

8:15pm…Bantam (@Nobles)…(players J-Z)


Wednesday 3/8

7:00pm…Bantam (@Nobles)… (players tbd by evaluators)

8:15pm…Bantam (@Nobles)… (players tbd by evaluators)


Thursday 3/9

6:25pm…Girls U10

 5:45pm…Midgets (@ Nobles)…(players A-J)

7:00pm…Midgets (@Nobles)…(players K-Z)


Friday 3/10

5:25pm...Midget (players tbd by evaluators)

6:35pm…Midget (players tbd by evaluators)

by posted 02/23/2017
Registration for 2017/2018 travel/girls/development

Registration for the 2017-2018 season for Travel, Girls and Mite Development programs is now open.

  • Registration will close on 2/23 with late fees starting on 2/21.

  • Space is limited. Don't wait until the last minute.

  • Please note, all registration fees are non-refundable*.

  • In-house registration opens in the fall.

Some changes to expect from previous years' registrations:

  • There is now separate registration for travel and development.  If a player tries out for a travel team and it turns out would be better placed in development, you will be notified and given the option to switch programs. Please read the program descriptions carefully to ensure the correct program has been selected.

  • We have a new vendor for self-service jersey ordering (the new shirts are a lighter weight, sublimated Bauer jersey).  We are still collecting shirt information as a part of registration, and you will have the option to purchase new game jerseys from our remaining stock (first come-first serve) at a discount.  If you plan to reuse game jerseys you already possess, please be sure to double check the jersey number and enter it. Instructions for ordering new shirts will be provided after team placements.

  • There is a question about playing exclusively for NYH.  Because we know some players try out and plan to play for a club outside of NYH, we use this information to ensure we have proper roster sizes to account for frequent player conflicts.  Please use your best guess to answer this non-binding question.

  • Bag ordering is no longer a part of registration.  If you wish to order bag CLICK HERE.

  • There is a question regarding parent coaching interest.  If interested, please also register as a coach (see the next bullet).

  • We a coaches registration: if you plan to coach next season, please register. We will use this to keep track of your coaching requirements being met.  We will also have this registration open during development and in-house registration periods.

  • We have implemented a sibling discount**.  While this won't be reflected in your initial payment, you will see this reflected in the season total for second, third and fourth child registered.

  • We have added an optional additional amount to donate to our scholarship fund.  This donation is tax-deductible and will be included in your final payment.


Note: Mite tryouts will be just before the season starts in late August.

* If a child tries out and does not make a travel team and is not interested in or doesn’t qualify for a development or in-house option, a partial refund will be available.

** Sibling discounts apply only to full-priced/full-season programs (does not include Midgets, in-house, development or GU8)


by posted 02/06/2017
Tryouts for 2017-18 Season

NYHA Families,

Tryouts for the 2017-18 season will take place between 2/27-3/10. More details soon regarding registration period, followed by specific dates/times for each age group.



Thank you,

Mike Spalla

by posted 01/14/2017
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