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Registration for 2016/17 Travel and Girls

Registration for the 2016-2017 season for Travel and Girls programs is now open to all current players in NYHA.

  • Registration will close on 2/27.  Please don't wait until the last minute.  
  • Registration will open to the general public on 2/17. Please note, all registration fees are non-refundable. 
  • Development registration will open after travel tryouts.
  • In-house registration opens in the fall.

Some changes to expect from previous years' registrations:

  • There is now separate registration for travel and development.  If a player tries out for a travel team and it turns out would be better placed in development, you will be notified and given the option to switch programs.
  • We have tried to simplified the shirt ordering part of registration.  If you plan to reuse game jerseys you already possess, please be sure to double check the jersey number and enter it.
  • You may have a question regarding planning roster sizes.  Because we know some players try out and plan to play for a club outside of NYH, we may use this information to ensure we have proper roster sizes to account for frequent player conflicts.  Please use your best guess to answer this non-binding question.
  • Bag ordering is no longer a part of registration.  If you wish to order bag CLICK HERE.
  • We have added coaches registration: if you plan to coach next season, please register. We will use this to keep track of your coaching requirements being met.  We will also have this registration open during development and in-house registration periods.
  • We have implemented a sibling discount.  While this won't be reflected in your initial payment, you will see this reflected in the season total for second, third and fourth child registered.

* Note: Mite tryouts will be just before the season starts in September.  Mite development registration will be in March in order to get player numbers to determine the number of teams we register with the various leagues

Please know that we have done the best we could with the timeslots given to us. Although some are not ideal timeslots we tried our best to keep  your players best interest in mind. 

The first tryouts for Squirt,PW, Bantam and Midget will be divided alphabetically. The alpha designations will be posted once registration closes. The second and third tryouts are divided by pinney numbers which will be posted online after evaluations have been turned in. 

Mon., 2/29 4:00-5:00 St. Sebs


Mon., 2/29 5:15-6:15 St. Sebs


Thurs., 3/3 8:45-9:45 St. Sebs


SQUIRT         PEEWEE    
Tues., 3/1 5:15-6:15 St. Sebs     Tues., 3/1 7:40-8:40 St. Sebs
  6:30-7:30 St. Sebs     Wed., 3/2 5:30-6:30 St. Sebs
Wed., 3/2 4:15-5:15 St. Sebs     Thurs., 3/3 7:35-8:35 St. Sebs
Thurs., 3/3 6:25-7:25 St. Sebs     Fri., 3/4 6:35-7:35 St. Sebs
Fri., 3/4 4:15-5:15 St. Sebs       7:50-8:50 St. Sebs
  5:25-6:25 St. Sebs       9:00-10:00 St. Sebs
Mon., 3/7 4:00-5:00 St. Sebs     Tues. 3/8 6:30-7:30 St. Sebs
  5:15-6:15 St.. Sebs       7:40-8:40 St. Sebs
Tues., 3/8 5:15-6:15 St. Sebs     Wed., 3/9 4:15-5:15 St. Sebs
Wed., 3/9 5:00-6:00 Nobles     MIDGET    
  6:15-7:15 Nobles     Thurs., 3/10 5:00-6:00 Nobles
  7:30-8:30 Nobles       6:15-7:15 Nobles
Thurs., 3/10 6:25-7:25 St. Sebs     Fri., 3/11 7:50-8:50 St. Sebs
  7:35-8:35 St. Sebs       9:00-10:00 St. Sebs
  8:45-9:45 St. Sebs     Sat., 3/12 7:50-8:50 St. Sebs
Fri., 3/11 4:15-5:15 St. Sebs       9:00-10:00 St. Sebs
  5:25-6:25 St. Sebs          
  6:35-7:35 St. Sebs          
Thank You!

We do hope we did not leave anyone out.  If we did, it was not intentional.  There were so many generous families and businesses that made this event possible  we hope you enjoyed the night and we look forward to doing it again next year. 

by posted 02/08/2016
Volunteer Opportunities



NYH needs volunteers to continue to grow as a program.  We have lots of ideas that can benefit all our members and just need volunteers to make some of them happen.

There is a new page on the left navigation called "Volunteering".  Please check it out and if there is a role or committee you are interested in contributing to, please let us know. 

Volunteers needed for:

  • Frank Bell Tournament Committee Chair 
  • Fundraising Committee Members(Adult Social Coordinator)
  • Coaches Equipment Manager
  • Player Equipment Manager

by posted 10/23/2015
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