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Player Placement on Travel Teams and team names

Summer Updates

1. Inhouse registration will be in September.  Additional information will be available in early September.

2. Travel Team pre-season stakes will start in late August and be run by ProAmbitions.  Schedule for pre-skates will be posted in early August.  September schedule will be posted once we receive the schedule from the Valley League and MGL.

3. Mite and Mite Development information was emailed in July.  Tryouts and the start of the season information will be posted in early August.



Travel Team Placement


All Team Placements have been announced as of 5/8 at 9:00am.  If you did not receive a notification, contact and you will be sent your child's placement.


You should have received an email with your child's placement, their coach, and list of team members.   The notification was sent to the email address you provided at the time of registration.  Once the teams are announced, the coaches will be in touch prior to the start of the season.

NYH had approximately 300 players tryout this spring during over 32 tryout sessions to be placed on 18 teams. NYH followed the process documented and posted prior to tryouts including having paid independent evaluators (player and goalie) to supplement the NYH evaluators.  We understand that not everyone will agree with their team placement, but the placements are final.


Team Names

Teams names last year caused great confusion because the Valley League used one naming convention and NYH used a different format.  This year teams will be announced using a simple numbering format, and then when the valley league schedules are announced, we will update the names on the NYH website to match the valley league site.  When NYH team placements are announced they will be as follows:

Midget - 1,2, 3

Bantam - 1, 2

PW - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Girls - u10, u12 A, u12 B

SQ - 1, 2,3, 4, Dev

(note:  lowest number (1) is the highest rated team (i.e. 1 team = A team )).

Reminder to register with USA Hockey!
by posted 07/17/2014

Just a remider for those of you who haven't had a chance to register with USA Hockey:

All players and coaches must register directly with USA Hockey and provide NYH with the confirmation #. Both steps must be completed by the start of the season for players and coaches to be eligible to practice.

Do not email the confirmation number to NYH, you must enter it directly yourself.

Here are the instructions for completing the registration process:

Step 1.) Go to www.usahockey.com, click on 'membership', then click on 'register online' and follow the steps to register yourself as a coach or your child as a player.

Step 2.) You will receive an email from USA Hockey with a confirmation #.

Step 3.) Go to www.nyha.org, click on 'edit my account'. Enter email and password, click on 'player name' and enter the confirmation # you received from USA Hockey in the confirmation # field, and 'SAVE'. Repeat Step 3 to enter confirmation #'s for additional players and/or coaches.


Thank you,

Nancy O'Brien


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Enhancing Skills in 2014/15 with Pro Ambitions
by posted 05/14/2014

Needham Hockey will be working with Pro Ambitions to enhance our skills programs for players.  We will continue to have regular skills session through the season, but are working with Pro Ambitions to add additional skills in the form of “mini-camps”.  These camps will be part of our pre-season activities in late August and scheduled periodically through-out the season to supplement the regular skills and practices.  The camps will have various themes such as battle camp, sniper, power skating, defenseman, etc.   This approach will allow us to better utilize some of the ice we have in late August, on the weekends, and towards the end of the season while giving players the opportunity to gain additional ice touches that will focus on specific areas of player development.

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