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Mite Program (players 8 and under – birth year 2009 and younger)

USA Hockey (the governing body of American youth hockey and the US National teams) has conducted significant research on how best to develop players beginning at the Mite level.   As a result of this research, in 2010 USA Hockey began instituting the “American Development Model” (ADM), which includes recommendations and mandated changes to Mite level programs that wish to remain sanctioned by USA Hockey.  NYH has reviewed the research, believes that USA Hockey’s approach is the best way to develop younger players, and like many other local programs, is making changes to conform to USA Hockey’s requirements for Mites.   We began this transition in 2011 and have continued to evolve our mite offerings to be responsive to our families while conforming to the ADM Principles. NYH will have three programs for Mite age players in support of the American Development Model.


Mite Development

Mite Development program which expands on the in-house program and begins to introduce additional practice/skills during the season and games against non-Needham teams.  This program targets kids who have been in the inhouse program for 2 years and are ready to take the next step in their hockey development.  The players will participate in approximately 20 cross-ice games at Fessenden in Newton on Sundays.  Have regular practices on Saturday morning at St Sebs and have supplemental practices and skills during the year.  The dates, locations, and times for the supplemental practices and skills will vary during the course of the season and will typically be posted in advance.  In total the kids will have approximately 65 touches during the course of the season.  We plan to have two or three Mite Development teams of 12 to 13 players per roster.  Teams for games will be divided up based on ability to ensure fun and competitive games in the MCIHL.  The projected cost for this program is $1300. Tryouts are not required for mite dev -- coaches will evaluate players at the beginning of the year for team placement.  NYH reserves the right to move a player to the inhouse program if the coaches feel the player is not ready for Mite Development.

Mite Travel

Mite Travel program expands on the Mite Development program.  This program is targeted for the strongest mite age players.  Typically players will have spent a year in mite development or two years+ in our inhouse program.  We are planning on having a Mite 1 and 2 teams in 2017.  The rosters will be 11-12 players.  The teams will play in the valley league and play 25 cross-ice games. Practice locations and times, game times and locations will vary similar to other travel teams.  There will be no preset scheduled practice times.  Once the valley league posts the game schedule, the mite teams (like all travel teams) practices/skills schedule will be posted.  This occurs usually in 8 to 10 week increments during the season.  Over the course of the season between games, practices, and skills the mite travel teams will have approximately 85 touches.  The projected cost for this program is $1650.  Players will be required to tryout for the Mite travel teams.  Players not chosen for travel teams will be placed in the mite development or in-house program.