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NYH Frank Bell Invitational Tournament 


Code of Conduct 

Frank Bell loved hockey, he organized kids on local ponds, and taught them how to skate, shoot and have fun together on the ice.  We’re continuing his tradition of sportsmanship, community, and competitive hockey. Therefore, we’re all agreeing to remember why we’re here, and agree to this code of conduct.
These rules apply to all players, parents, coaches, and fans.  All USA Hockey and Mass Hockey rules will apply.  Zero Tolerance will be enforced. 
  1. No swearing or abusive language on the bench or anywhere in the rink.  This includes players during the course of play using any form of derogatory language towards another player. 
  2. No lashing out at any official, Tournament Director, or Needham Youth Hockey volunteer no matter what calls are made on the ice or the result of the game.  The coaching staff will handle all matters or concerns by talking with the onsite Tournament Director. 
  3. Any player who receives a penalty will skate directly to the penalty box.  A coach or player will leave the bench area immediately if receiving a game misconduct.
  4. Spectators will sit or stand in designated areas and not congregate near the benches or locker rooms. 
  5. Fighting will not be tolerated. 
  6. All in attendance will display good sportsmanship and respect. Parents, fans, players, or team officials who cannot abide by these rules or who violate them will be subject to disciplinary action.   
  7. Protests:  Any protests that may arise during this Tournament will be resolved by the Tournament Director(s).  All decisions are final.