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NYH Frank Bell Invitational Tournament


Tournament Rules and Regulations

  1. All games will consist of three 12 minute stop time periods. A 3-minute warm up will be given. Warmup begins when Zamboni doors are closed. A five (5) goal lead during the third period will initiate running time which will remain in effect the remainder of the game. Overtime for the final game only. All participating players must be on the their stamped team USA Roster and on the official game sheet prior to the game in order to participate in the game.  
  2. Each team will play three (3) games in their division. At the conclusion of round robin play (first 3 games), the top two (2) teams will advance to the Championship Game. In the event teams are tied, the following tie-breaking procedures will be used in the order listed:
    • A. Record against each other 
    • B. Least goals allowed 
    • C. Most goals scored 
    • D. Highest goal differential 
    • E. Least penalized team by minutes
  3. Penalties:   (MINOR) - 1 minute stop time for Mite & Squirt teams and 1 minute 30 seconds stop time for PeeWee and Bantam teams. No timeouts during the preliminary round; one (1) 30 second timeout allowed during the finals. Any player or coach that receives three (3) penalties in a game, including misconduct penalties, will be suspended for the remainder of the current game.
  4. A player or coach who is removed from the ice or bench by an official for fighting or an attempt to injure will not be allowed to play or coach for the remainder of the tournament.  All other player participation and eligibility rules will follow the USA Hockey Guidelines.
  5. Regulations for Sudden Death Overtime - Final Only.

    One (1), five minute sudden death overtime (run time) will be played with 4 skaters and 1 goalie. If the game remains tied at the end of the five (5) minute overtime period, the teams will proceed to a shootout. The visiting team shoots first. Three (3) eligible players from each team shall participate. After each team has taken three shots and if the score remains tied, the shootout will proceed to sudden death format. No ‘overtime shootout’ player may shoot twice until everyone who is eligible has shot.

    Penalties in five minute sudden death overtime play: Player penalized with under a minute left (Mite & Squirt teams) and with under one minute 30 seconds (PeeWee & Bantam teams) will not be eligible for the shootout. Player penalized will serve his/her penalty, and thereafter shall not be eligible to return to play.